Sunny Moon. Moony Sun.

She’s like the sun.
You go too close to her, and you burn.
You go too far away from her, and you freeze to death.

She’s like the moon.
You go too close to her, and you go blind in your fantasy.
You go too far away from her, and you can’t dream.

You stay right where you should be,
and she glows for you.
She’s half-sun and half-moon.
Half-sun and half-moon.


Her Sore-n

Theirs was like the relationship
between the sun and the roses.
The roses need the sun;
the sun doesn’t need the roses.
We all know the sun never really notices
the roses until they vigorously sway
their petals from side to side.

Rose thought she’d be a lot happier
if the Sun came down to live with her.
She shook and swung, flirted and sucked
[his light in as much as she could? Amen].
She’s severely burning,
but she’s glad she’s the hot guy’s main girl.
She’s now closer to being his wife;
death is her new, perfect life.

The Real Star


Why don’t you be yourself?
Why don’t you be, yourself?


If the stars come together as one,
they’d make a gorgeous display.
If the little moons left the Moon
to spread across the sky,
they’d create something beautiful too.
A twinkling, giant disaSTAR,
and its little MOONsters.

It won’t last for long;
stars aren’t built to not crave for attention.
At least one would pop
out of the group often and complain,
“I’m not being noticed enough!”,
and in no time, there’d be no group.
The moons are better together as one Moon;
things are good as they are.

Earth and Heaven

The earth moves,
but our place in it doesn’t change
because we move with it.

Explore the sun, my love;
chase your dreams,
but don’t leave me behind.

Be my earth.


Earth was supposed to be my resting place.
I didn’t think I deserved anyone better
till my Heaven carried me in his arms.
He placed a crown on my head
and called me his queen.


Nobody noticed, when the oceans fed
water to the thirsty clouds.
We only know that when they were satisfied,
they gave water back to the oceans,
to our thirsty crops and soil,
to our bowls and buckets,
and to our playful children,
before our very eyes.

Our air was cleaner,
our love-making was sweeter,
and our sleep was deeper,
because the sky was given water.


A lot of people have pulled strings to take enslaved Nigerians and other Africans [it breaks my heart; it’s 2017 and this is still happening] in Libya back home. Not all of them have publicized the things they’ve done and the amounts they’ve given. Thank you very much. You’re beautiful people with good hearts. You’re Oceans.

I tried to write something about looking for greener grass in other regions/countries [like people have done for centuries irrespective of their race- your ancestors, my ancestors] and finding rusted chains instead, but I couldn’t. I slept off 5 minutes after because my heart was heavy.

I hope they’ll make good use of their freedom now that they have it [the ones that are free now, at least], get the psychological and financial help they need to bring their dreams/goals back to life, and rain for us. Most of them are in their youth, they are educated, and they have bright ideas; they’re all valuable human resources. The governments have a lot to do to ensure that they gain or regain their stability. If they take them home and withdraw without providing adequate assistance, there’ll be problems. [Some of them were infected with HIV.]

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

The moon won’t shine bright without darkness;
it won’t appear to say “hello”.
If you are filled with so much sadness,
if your light of joy is really low,
your heart is plagued with heavy emptiness,
and happiness’ middle name is currently “Slow”,
stay strong in this moment of darkness,
the moon’ll be right there to make it glow.

The Moon

I see the moon,
the moon sees me.
She also sees him, and him,
and Him, whom she notices first,
because he glows as well,
since he’s all clothed in lies.
It’s a crying shame,
she doesn’t really see me.

Painting: Lonely by Maryam Mughal

Choose One, Choose Me

I so desperately wanted to be a star,
and now that you have made me one,
how do I tell you that I hate it when
I struggle for your attention?

I want to be the star,
the only star, on this sky,
and if that wish is impossible to grant,
make me the guiding star.
I want to have you to myself, Moon.
I really hate the way you ‘her’;
I want you to turn things ‘her-round’.

Be My Star

There is no star on my sky,
there is no moonlight.
Will you be a star on my sky,
will you give my moon light?

There is no star on my sky,
there is no moon, any night;
there is no me, every night.
Will you be a star on my sky,
will you love the Moon, Light?